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Em Dot Luxury Streetwear Is The Sum Total Of Founder, TheMaxxOut's Entire Skill Set.  With Almost Two Decades As A Recording Artist, Seven Years As An Entertainment Lifestyle Blogger, And Numerous Projects As De Facto Creative Director, Maxx Has Brought His Ever Aware Eye For Style Into The World Of Fashion.  Em Dot Luxury Streetwear Designs Speak To Maxx's Unique Life Experiences And Truly Fuses His Hood And Suburban Sensibilities.  The Garments Have A Voice On Any Given Street In The World.

Em Dot Luxury Streetwear Is Meticulously Curated And Sourced.  We Work With Domestic And International Suppliers To Make Sure You Get A Highly Detailed Garment That Looks And Feel Luxurious.  Our Brand Has Mastered The Art Of Urban Wear That's Almost Too Classy To Be Urban Wear.  And On Both Sides, Em Dot Luxury Streetwear Is A Perfect Glimpse Of The Other Side Of The Tracks.

Unafraid To Standing In Its Uniqueness, Yet Somehow Universally Relatable, Em Dot Luxury Streetwear Is An Unfiltered Self Portrait Of It's Founder.  Our Clothing Is Elevated As High As It Can Be Within The Scope Of Still Being Tangible And Ready To Wear.  And Because We Take Uniqueness So Serious, We Only Produce Limited Edition Runs.  Em Dot Luxury Streetwear Is A Perfect And Fitting Thesis On Incorporating The Entertainment Lifestyle Into Your Everyday Life.

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